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logoWelcome to ZPT Openchowski

Dear customers,
We are family-run transport company founded in 1997, that provide comprehensive services in the field of transport and freight forwarding all over the country and across the European Union.
We do business based on the individual needs of our customers. We provide timely and efficient implementation of the transport orders in accordance with the requirements of the customers and the CMR.

Our specialization is volume transport. We also have vehicles for the transport of Jumbo BDF containers.We have a modern fleet of more than 20 volume sets (7.7m + 7.7m, 3m h, 24t - possibility of loading from the top) which comply with EURO 5. We also have our own transport - warehouse, so we are able to provide comprehensive services for your company.
Our advantage, in addition to modern equipment is qualified drivers, forwarding agents and maintenance. In the course of every order we inform you of current location and route of cargo. All cars are equipped with GPS.
If your company expects reliability and professional and reliable service at the highest level, we invite you to cooperation.

We are insured for the sum of 600 000 USD.

Sincerely, Marcin Openchowski


  • Headquarter

    70-809 Szczecin
    Michała Kmiecika 11 St.

    Phone numbers

    land line. +48 91 463 36 63
    fax. +48 91 431 32 97

    e-mail: biuro@zptopenchowski.pl


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